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Friday, June 4, 2010

FoRgoTTen LoVe

I never thought I'd see this day
With all the problems we had in the way
Now the days have gone
And we are still holding on
To this love that is deep & strong
I know this cannot be wrong
People thought we wouldnt make it this far
But we proved them wrong and made the full yard
I never thought I'd love anyone like this
It feels like a perfect bliss
Now I know that dreams can come true
When I'm with you I'm never feeling blue
Your voice is so sweet, it makes me tingly inside
My feelings are so strong I just cannot hide
The way I love you deep in my heart
I wonder how this began to start
It's amazing how much we've been through
It just shows that our love is true
I'll end this poem simple and plain
Instead of playing a stupid game
Nothing or no-one will tear us apart
You will always be a part of my heart

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